Below is an outline of what you can expect for your party and what will be expected of you as the hostess! If you follow these simple instructions, you will have a successful party and earn lots of free clothes!



Your online party will take place in my Facebook shopping group, “Shop Lularoe Jenn King” ( All items will be posted for sale in my photo albums. There will be multiple hostesses at this party. More shoppers means more fun!



To start, I will create a Facebook event page for this party. This is kind of like an evite or an online invitation. In order to be added to this event page, I need to be Facebook friends with you, so please add me as a friend (and I will not be offended if you unfriend me after the party closes). You should see the event page in your notifications when I invite you, or click on “Events” on the lefthand side in Facebook.



Once you are invited to the event, invite all of your female friends! You should add at least 50 friends to the event page. A better goal to ensure you earn a lot of free clothes is to add 100 friends. You never know who may be interested, and we want to share the Lularoe love with everyone!



I strongly encourage you to reach out to your friends individually to let them know you are inviting them and WHY. People get added to random things on Facebook all the time. They are much more likely to respond positively and check out your party if you reach out to them sincerely and personally! An individual text message, phone call, or in-person invitation is best! If you are unable to do that, send the person an individual Facebook message. You can copy and paste, but make sure to add the person’s name so they know you are reaching out to them.



Next, you will need to talk up your party on the event page! Many people don’t know what Lularoe is or how an online party works. As the hostess you should be sharing on the event page about why you love Lularoe! Post pictures of yourself and do a live video wearing your favorite Lularoe items and tell your friends why you love them. Your friends need to hear from YOU and see what Lularoe looks like on YOU. If you do this, your RSVPs will increase significantly, which means more sales and more free clothes for you! Make sure to start posting right away!



This is a very important step! The day before the party begins, you need to add all of your friends who RSVPed on the event page as “Going” and “Maybe” to my Facebook shopping group ( Do NOT add hundreds of random friends to my shopping group. If you want to increase the number of people who are interested in your party, reach out to them individually through a direct message, and ask them if it’s okay to add them.



Ensure that all your friends understand how to shop before the party starts. I will post shopping instructions on the event page. They are also listed in the pinned post in my Facebook group. In my shopping group, from a mobile device, click on “View Pinned Post”, or from a computer, it is the first listed post and photo. You can tag your friends who are listed as “Going” on the post, and answer any questions they might have.



Post a link on your Facebook wall to my shopping group ( and invite any of your friends to join the fun. In the post, make sure to tell your friends why you love Lularoe. Tell them about the giveaway I am having in my group. You can tag your friends who RSVPed as “Going” in the giveaway post to make sure your guests are there and ready to shop.



When you see an item you think one of your friends would love, tag your friend in the comments and tell them why you think they would like this item. Friends don’t let friends miss out on cute clothes, and they will be happy to know you that something reminded you of them! Make sure to watch for your friends questions while the party runs. They will probably have questions about styling, sizing, or how to shop. You can claim ONE item while the party is running. Any additional items you claim will need to be purchased. The items you purchase will count toward earning your rewards. We want to make sure there are lots of amazing items for your friends to shop from and love! Instead of claiming items that you want to earn as your rewards, please take screenshots of them so you can communicate to me what you want after the party ends and the albums are removed.


After the party ends, I will send out invoices to everyone. This will typically happen Friday evening or Saturday morning. I will tag everyone that shopped once invoices are sent. Invoices must be paid BEFORE you can receive your free items. Keep in mind you will only receive credit for items purchased by YOUR friends who YOU personally added to my shopping group, NOT the total items sold overall. In my claim form ( there is a spot for your friends to list you as their hostess. My online multi-hostess parties are special, and I will let you choose a free pair of leggings for the first 5 items sold! For 10 items sold, you can choose ANY item you want! After that, you can continue to choose any item you want for every 10 items sold! There is NO limit to how many items you can earn or a price limit on what items you can choose! I love to be generous with my hostess rewards and to spoil you! Please keep in mind that all free items earned MUST be redeemed at this party. Send me the screenshots of the items that you want to earn as your rewards. As long as they did not sell, you can earn those items as your free items! I will ship them for free too! I have 1,400 items in my inventory and you have the potential to help your friends shop successfully and earn a lot of free clothes! I have seen my hostesses do amazing things and I know you can too!


I will check in with you one week before your party and remind you of your responsibilities! I am SUPER excited for your Lularoe party! Please let me know if you have any questions!